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Stone Valley Pet Lodge  
11114 Red Rose Road  
Petersburg ,  Pa  16669  


Grooming & Other Activities

Our bathing facility utilizes the Hydrosurge Therapeutic Bathing System. This whirlpool, jet-action massage system greatly enhances the effectiveness of bathing solutions providing a more thorough cleaning of the skin and coat. Our grooming services are available by appointment or during your pet's stay and include routine bathing, specialty shampoo treatments, brush-outs, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Full Groom...includes bath, 15-minute brush-out, ear cleaning & nail trim  $42

Nail Trim $18

Ear Cleaning $15

Brushing $16

Departure Bath $25

Personal Play Pal...designed for more sensitive pets who find it hard to be away from home...$10/session
Pets are entertained with various engaging activities such as petting, ball toss, special snacks, reading a book or just watching TV.

Nature Hike...One-Mile of trailblazing fun exploring our wooded terrain with natural trails & streams...$10/session

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